Affordable Housing Units Coming to Bancroft

In February 2018 Lloyd Churchill NHCIA Board Chair and Sandy Phillips Executive Director  met with Phil Spry of Springale Dev Inc. to discuss a partnership to bring affordable Housing units to Bancroft.

March of 2018 the board accepted a conditional offer on property at 36 Chemaushagon Street with understanding that we would provide tenants to the developer.

June 2018 NHCIA and Springale attended a Planning Meeting in Bancroft receiving approval for zoning to include an exception.

September the property sale was finalized and partnership agreements were signed. Investment in affordable Housing from the county was approved.

May 2019 the property was cleared and building is scheduled to begin.

There will be 6 one-bedroom apartments and 1 two-bedroom apartment all at affordable rate which is 80% of market value set by the county. Apartments are approximately 500 sq. feet. (the 2 bedroom being larger). NHCIA will provide tenants and in keeping with inclusion will be offering a couple units to persons who are willing to sign “good neighbour” agreements and are a best match for the building and other tenants. Seniors or other community members who qualify would be considered. We will not know until apartments are closer to completion which ones will be occupied by persons supported by NHCIA. NHCIA will put out an announcement when we are ready to interview community tenants.

Laura Freymond